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We believe that healthcare shouldn’t be complicated. That’s why our memberships are designed to be easy, simple and complete. Now available in Texas & California!

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We’ve designed our membership to include a comprehensive experience that includes access to your care team when you need them.

Access your promotor or doctor from anywhere. We’re here for any question or health need you have.

Individual Membership

access to your care team from 8am to 8pm
includes routine lab work through our partner labs
help finding the best prices on medications including home deliveries
Unlimited access to your promotora de salud
12 total visits per year with your doctor

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is my membership?

We have individual memberships available for $40 dollars (month to month) which is a $480 annual value.  The membership gives you access to 12 visits per year with our doctors and unlimited visits with your community health worker/promotor de salud for your care navigation or health coaching needs. 

For customers who want to pay for annual memberships paid up-front you can pay $420 a year which comes out to $35 a month. 

What's included in my membership?

Each membership will give you access to 12 visits per year with a doctor. We also offer our members access to a personal promotor de salud that can work with you 1:1 on your care navigation and coordination needs. Your promotor de salud is also available to provide you with unlimited health coaching visits for your health goals. Zócalo Health members are also eligible to receive discounted lab tests and prescriptions if you do not have insurance. Our membership is not a health insurance plan and will not include in-person services or speciality care received throughout the community.

Can I use FSA and HSA funds to cover my membership costs?

At this time, we do not take FSA or HSA funds for your Zócalo Health membership. If you have questions about payment methods please email info@zocalo.health.

I am a Medicare Beneficiary. Can I still buy a Zócalo Health membership?

Yes, you are welcome to purchase a Zócalo Health membership but we will not bill Medicare or be eligible for reimbursement with your Medicare plan for any services provided as part of our membership. 

Can I gift a Zócalo Health membership to a friend or family member?

At this time we are not set up to gift memberships. We hope to make this option available soon! If this is a feature you would like added, please let us know at info@zocalo.health

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