Zócalo Health: Now serving the state of Washington

At Zócalo Health, our mission is to revolutionize primary care delivery and deliver a much needed improvement on the healthcare experience for our growing Latino community. A year ago today, we launched our virtual primary care service in California. The decision to launch Zócalo Health into California first was driven by two factors: the density of Latinos in the state and the pressing need to serve this rapidly growing population. We understood that the state's sizable Latino community was facing significant barriers to healthcare access. By leveraging technology and innovative delivery models, we were able to transcend these barriers and offer quality primary care that Latinos could trust.

Our launch into California allowed us to build strong partnerships within the community, collaborating with local organizations and leaders who shared our vision for equitable healthcare. Together, we worked tirelessly to empower Latinos and to create a healthcare environment where individuals felt valued, respected, and understood.

The success we achieved in California not only reinforced the importance of our mission but also provided us with valuable insights and learnings that would shape our future expansion plans. We recognized that the need for Zócalo Health's services extended well beyond state borders, calling for a nationwide approach to address the growing healthcare disparities faced by the Latino community. Six months after launching in California we launched our services in Texas. 

Growing up and having family roots in Texas, we have witnessed firsthand the challenges faced by the Latino community in accessing quality healthcare. We know the one-size-fits-all health care system is not designed to meet the unique needs of different racial and ethnic groups. Latinos comprise 16% of the U.S. population and are now Texas’s largest racial and ethnic group representing 40% of the population. 

While Texas and California both presented as unique opportunities to launch a much needed service, we recognize that our work is just beginning. There are more communities we need to reach, more people that need to be reconnected to a health system that caters to their needs and cultures, and additional communities across every state that need Zócalo Health. Across the United States, the Latino population is experiencing significant growth in every state. From the bustling streets of New York to the serene landscapes of Montana, Latinos are an integral part of the fabric that weaves our nation together. This demographic shift highlights the crucial importance of providing healthcare services that cater to the unique needs of this community. At Zócalo Health, we recognize the significance of this national growth and are committed to expanding our reach to ensure that Latinos in every state have access to quality primary care that respects their cultural identity and empowers them to lead healthy lives.  

To continue that work, we are excited and proud to announce that we are launching our services to the state of Washington. 

For the past 5 years, Erik and Mariza have called the state of Washington their home. We have raised our families and have grown a community of Latino allies and supporters that support the mission of Zócalo Health. Not only are we bringing a much needed service to the State of Washington, but we are finally bringing our company to our neighbors and family which is a very important and personal milestone on our journey to scaling Zócalo Health nationwide. 

The state of Washington is experiencing a significant and dynamic growth of the Latino population, making it a crucial focal point for Zócalo Health's expansion. Latinos in Washington play an essential role in its social and economic fabric. With each passing year, the Latino population in Washington continues to grow, bringing diverse perspectives, traditions, and talents to the state. Recognizing this demographic shift, Zócalo Health aims to meet the evolving healthcare needs of the Latino community in Washington by providing accessible and culturally-aligned primary care services. By doing so, we can empower individuals to prioritize their health and well-being, while fostering a healthier and more inclusive future for all Washingtonians.

Again, this work is just beginning. We have a lot of lives and communities to reach and we won’t be able to do it alone.  Our supporters and our communities give Zócalo the energy needed to thrive and persevere in an ever-changing and challenging world. Come along with us as we grow our Zócalo Health family one community and one patient at a time. We are committed to ensuring that every Latino, regardless of their location, has access to quality healthcare that respects their cultural identity and beliefs. Zócalo Health is more than a healthcare company; it's a movement that aims to uplift and empower Latinos nationwide. 

Juntos, we can build a healthier future para la gente.